VOX - Supply Partner


What we do

At VOX, we develop, manufacture and supply merchandising tools, signage, permanent and semi-permanent displays for optimum presentation of market-leading brands – the single most effective method of increasing distribution and growing sales.

Our value drivers are speed, efficiency, versatility and significantly lower costs.

  • Utilise all raw materials – wood, metals, plastic and composites
  • Range rationalization delivers consistent, high impact branded display
  • Smart engineering delivers significant savings on display costs, consistently up to 30%
  • Advanced supply processes improve speed to market
  • Clear and streamlined execution model maximizes efficiency
  • World-class engineers team with Mandarin speaking supply professionals
  • Our unique supply system provides global brand consistency, reduced inventory complexity, operational efficiency with continuous innovation at the most competitive price

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“Our most significant successes come when we balance value-engineering and value-add to deliver cost- and lead-time efficiencies”Jo Sparling, VP Sales